Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Ale

In the fall of 2004 we created a Pumpkin Ale at the request of the Town of Windsor's  Pumpkin Festival and a fall classic was born. We brew this ale using Howard Dill's® world famous Atlantic Giant Pumpkins® with a special blend of spices - this of course in addition to the usual ingredients: highest quality malted grains, hops, water and yeast. It’s the next best thing to pumpkin pie. This one goes fast so make sure you mark your calendar for this October.


Availability: October until it's gone (hopefully after Hallowe'en)

341ml 6-Packs

1.9L Growlers


For Beer Geeks

IBU's- 15

Hops- Cascade, Warrior, Pumpkin.

Malts- Pale, Wheat.

Water- Soft

Colour-  2.2°L


Glass Type Glass Type: Pint Glass, or American Shaker
Temperature Temperature: Cellar at 35-40 F; Serve at 40-45 F
What Others Are Saying
Yes Our IPA is available at the LCBO (PBC) --> "Is your beer available outside Nova Scotia? I'm currently in Ontario. Thanks for responding!"
All year please
Yes please get it in the LCBO in ontario. I need it bad.
Yes please get it in the LCBO in ontario. I need it bad.
Can I get this in PEI?
Amazing. I miss it. Pumpkin Beer sold out in Calgary Please!
Absolutely delicious.
It's pretty good!
Looking forward to it, hopefully I'll be able to get some this year!
Wish I could buy this all Autumn long (not just October)! It makes me so sad when it's sold out! My favorite beer ever!