Propeller cold beer & gear



Our Cold Beer Store & Propeller Gear

Our cold beer stores are located at 2015 Gottingen St. Halifax (right beside Staples) and 617 Windmill Rd. Dartmouth. We carry our Propeller Craft Beer in single serve bottles and 6 packs, plus our All-Natural Sodas, as well as a great selection of Propeller Merchandise including hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and beer glasses. At this time we do not take mail orders. Contact for more information about the Prop Shop.

We also sell Growlers. Growlers are 1.89 litre glass jugs that you can take home filled with any of your favourite Propeller Beers (including our seasonal beers). You pay a one-time $9.00 deposit and then $9.00 more to fill up the Growler. Inside the Growler is brewery-fresh, craft beer - just like having just less than a six-pack worth of draft beer at home! They're best enjoyed if they're kept refrigerated, out of direct sunlight, with the cap tightly secured. For the freshest taste, they should be consumed within 48 hours of purchase. When you’re finished with the Growler, just bring the empty back and exchange it for a fresh one. The refill cost is just $9.00. Because they’re cleaned and reused they’re also good for the environment! Try a Growler today! 


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Store Hours; 


Monday                10am -8pm

Tuesday              10am - 8pm
Wednesday        10am - 10pm
Thursday             10am - 10pm
Friday                   10am - 10pm

Saturday             10am - 10pm
Sunday                12pm - 10pm



Sunday - Friday  12pm - 8pm

Saturday              10am - 8pm