Did you meet our Hefeweizen?

Being we were ready for a warm-weather offering a little different from the every day, we figured why not bring back our Hefeweizen? First brewed at Propeller in 2010, we’re brewing it again, but only for May, June, July and August. 

A Bavarian-style wheat beer, Hefeweizen-style beer is immensely popular in Germany, for good reason. 

Explains Michael Allen, who runs the brewery operation at Propeller, “Hef is a great patio beer. Its flavour comes from the yeast, rather than the hops, which makes for a gentler hop taste. It’s also an unfiltered brew, giving it great mouthfeel, while its higher carbonation keeps it bold.”

Though an easy-drinking beer, Hefeweizen can be a challenge to brew. Due to the type of yeast it requires, live culture rather than dried, it calls for a different process around temperature.

“We had to get a new type of yeast," continues Allen, "which can be a logistical hassle since it needs to stay alive in transport during various temperature fluctuations. But what gives this beer its complex taste is directly attributable to the fact that live yeast is temperature sensitive. Getting the temperature where you want it during the brewing process is key to the balance of clove to banana flavours.”

Turns out, Hefeweizen is also a pairing great choice of barbeque season, especially, when sausage, chicken or pork, and naturally, East Coast seafood are on the grill.

Say hello patio season. And don’t forget, you have just about two months left to bring Hef home for dinner or to enjoy it on a patio close by. Drop by our Gottingen or Windmill locations, or an NSLC near you for your summer Hefeweizen.







Hello to summer and welcome back to Hefeweizen.