IPA is now available in cans!

Same beer. New look.

You know, we’re not sure if our goal was to come up with a new stacking toy or to make Propeller more portable. Either way, we accomplished both, and you can hello to Propeller IPA, in cans.

Why cans? Propeller founder John Allen explains the reasoning behind the new beer delivery packaging.

“We had our eye on cans as the coming trend for quite a while. More and more, customers are looking and asking for them, and the request has become too loud to ignore. It makes sense. It should be easy to take your favourite brew with you, wherever you are going and whatever you are doing. Bottles are great, but sometimes cans do the trick better. Now, we have both.”

Craft beer is doing well in Nova Scotia and across the county, outpacing Big Beer at an astounding rate. To meet ever-increasing demand, Allen just finished installing a new bottling line to improve Propeller’s productivity. Alongside the bottling line, he also managed to find the room he needed in his Dartmouth facility for the new canning machinery.

“We wanted to shift into canning for years, but until we moved production to our second location, we didn’t have an inch to spare. Once the facility was up and running, we watched to see whether the market was ready to embrace cans. We have no doubt, they are.”

Propeller’s first cans rolled off the line on Friday, August 12th, and their canned IPA is now available for purchase in their Gottingen and Windmill locations. Stayed tuned though, because more of Propeller’s brews are slated to hit the canning line and will soon be in private stores and the NSLC.