Make a one hit wonder happy today!

Our brewers have been having some creative brainstorms this summer. We suspect the sunshine might be part of their inspiration, and our one hit wonders are all the better for it. This week, Propeller just released the latest wonder, 1 Hop, and it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

The unique flavour of this brew comes from a focus on the one-hop approach. That’s right, they used a single hop in this recipe, Mandarina Bavaria. By letting the distinct essence come through from this lone hop, the hopping do the talking.

And the result? A robust IPA with orange and citrus note burst that makes for a smooth, yet bold taste experience. The full-bodied flavours are great for steak, ribs, or any BBQ worthy fare. And if you’re ready to try something a little outside of the ordinary, consider pairing it with a rich cheesecake. Not only will it stand up to the job, you might start a new trend.

Come on by and have us fill up a growler for you at our Gottingen and Windmill stores.

IBU: 56

ABV: 6.6%