One Hit Wonder Series

Ready for something a little outside of the ordinary?

If you do, you might want to try one of our one-hit-wonders. We brew these small-batch beers in our Gottingen location, using recipes our brew master dreams up. And we name and label, utilizing the unlimited imagination of our creative secret weapon. Sorry, we won't tell you his name for fear you may steal him from us. But if you like, you can ask our retail staff about him when you drop by.  Course you will have to sign a nondisclosure first.

One Hit Wonders are always unfiltered and only available On-Tap. 

1 Hop

And yes, this could be one lonely hop. But you can make a 1 Hop happy by coming by and bringing a growler home for company.

A robust IPA with orange and citrus notes for a bold taste experience. The full-bodies flavours are great for steak, ribs, or any BBQ worthy fare. 

ABV: 6.6%
IBU: 56