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As a local craft brewer and a part of the community for almost 20 years, giving back goes with the territory. Every year, we sponsor many non-charitable events and partner with businesses and organizations on different endeavours.

Though we’d love to say yes every time, (and boy do we try), we can’t always fit everything in, especially last minute requests. We review all requests quarterly, so it’s important to get your request in early.

Alright. If you have an event you are hosting or an idea, and you think Propeller might work well, please fill out the form (don’t forget, in advance).

Submission Deadlines: Naturally, we get a lot of requests. We review applications in advance, so please check out the deadlines to ensure your applications is submitted in time for consideration. The earlier the better! Also, don't skimp on your reasons exactly why you think we are a good fit for your organization. 

  • October/November/December: September 1st
  • January/February/March: December 1st
  • April/May/June: March 1st
  • July/August/September: June 1st
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