Where we Live - Propeller Locations

                         2015 Gottingen Street, Halifax

Gottingen Brewery & Store

Our original location, we used to greet customers at the back door between mash making and bottle filling. Back in the day, we were too busy working to notice all the firsts we crossed off the list. Good thing we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

Eventually, we moved beer selling up to street level, and then added the store and a Tasting Room. Geez. We thought that was yesterday, but that reno was over a decade ago. Three years ago, we moved most of our brewing of the core brands to our Windmill Road location, but we didn't stop brewing on Gottingen. Today, that’s where we concoct our popular Gottigen Street Small Batch series, down in the basement brew room, where it all began.


               617 Windmill Road, Dartmouth



Funny thing about growing, you can run out of space sooner than expected. By 2013, our Gottingen space was beginning to feel a little tight.

We pushed our brewing capacity to the max, with an almost 24/7 operation to make up for our space issues. But in 2014, we got the memo.  With not another inch to spare at Gottingen, we expanded across the bridge, to a second location in Dartmouth on Windmill Road.
We’ve got some room to breathe, for now anyway.